Sant Grau recommends products from the Solsonés region

Enjoy local products from the area during your stay. 

Below we provide you with a small list of shops, producers, information about the market and other proximity proposals, so you can enjoy an unforgettable stay in the area.


Molsa Tolerànces, Solsona: Shop specializing in the sale of organic products of different types: food, home, cosmetics...

 Cal Monegal (Pi de Sant Just): Supermarket selling different organic products (own organic beef, chicken, fruit, vegetables, drinks, household products, etc.)

Dpagès-Solsona: Sale of organic pork and elaborations of own production. The store is located in the center of Solsona.


Horta d'Alçada.

Organic chickens el molí de Bonfills.

Organic chickens DeBosc.

Biolord, high mountain organic apple (different high-altitude organic apple productions).

Products Cal Palà.

Terra Dònia. Products (vinegars, chutneys, sauces, etc. made from high-mountain organic apples).

Solsona Market

 Horta de Busa - Pol Sanchez - 660163826. Garden products and seasonal, local and organic fruits. On Friday mornings in Solsona's Plaza Mayor.

 Horta d'Alçada - Oriol Blanco. Organic high-altitude orchard products. On Fridays at the Solsona market, in the Paseo area.

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